I wanna be supermom, but somedays I feel like if I can make it to sosomom I will be thrilled.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

neglectful blogger

Wow what a neglectful blogger I am. The last time I wrote was just after I found out I was pregnant and now i'm almost 30 weeks. That is a really long time to go without a entry. This pregnancy is going fairly well, I do have the GD again which is livable if not likable. I am feeling much better and alot less stressed this time around then I did With Ewan so that is definatly a good thing. We found out December 15th that we are having another little boy and we thought we were going to name him Elliott but now it's up in the air. We are trying to decide between Elliott and Tristan so maybe this one wont get a name until he is born. I go back for another U/S on feb.2/06 maybe I will know by then. Of course i'm not holding my breath on that

My other little boy is getting to be so big. I can't Believe Ewan is already 18 months old. Where did the last year and a half go? If the first year and half went that quickly I can just imagine how fast the next five years or so are goin to go. They grow up so fast, it is soooo important to enjoy every minute of their lives that you can. That is why I can't wait to be done with work and go back on mat leave, I just want to be home with my little boy. Soon to be two little boys.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Ewan is going to be a big brother

Wow, I can still hardly believe it and I have know for two weeks already. My little baby is going to be a big brother. I am soooo excited at the prospect of having another baby but also terrified at the idea of having two children to take care of, not to mention having to go through another stressful pregnancy. Already I have had some pains on my side and gone in for some blood work to rule out an ectopic pregnancy. I so wanted this pregnancy to be way less stressful then Ewan's but i'm beginning to think it's just not possible for me to have a stress free pregnancy. I am worried about money and weather or not I will be able to get all the hours in at work so that I can get my mat leave. I am worried about telling them at work, hey thanks for extending my mat leave but i'm only going to be here for a bit as i'm expecting again, i'm sure that isn't going to go over very well at all. I am going to try and relax though i'm going to really really try!!.

Well here I am five weeks and 5 days pregnant and so far I have slight bits of nausea through out the day other then that no real symptoms here. Though my boobs are sometimes killing me when Ewan is nursing though i'm sure that will go away soon.

I will try and keep an update as my pregnancy progresses.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Happy Birthday to my big boy!!

OMG where did the past year go? My little baby is not so little anymore, I can hardly believe he is one year old already. Yesterday was a very emotional day for me, I went from pure joy to sadness. When I would think about that tiny baby I brought home from the hospital I would get sad about the fact that I will never get those moments back, but then when I would look at Ewan and see how wonderful he is I rejoice in the little boy he is becoming. I can hardly believe the changes that he has gone through since that day one year ago today. He went from a tiny helpless baby to this toddler who gets around and gets into trouble and then comes over for a love and cuddle. When he says mama it melts my heart like nothing ever has before and when he puts his head down on my lap I am like butter.

My Dearest Ewan
You are my one true miracle, my greatest accomplishment. Not just carrying you to term and giving birth to you but nurturing and loving you for the past year. I only hope that I am able to give more to you tomorrow then I was able to give you yesterday. You are the most precious thing in my life and you are my greatest gift. Even though it is your birthday today I am the lucky one who gets the most precsious gift. Thank you for picking us as your parents and for being the most amazing little boy a mom could ask for. Both your Daddy and I love you very very much and will forever.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Sick Baby

My baby boy is sick and it is breaking my heart. Yesterday and The night before he had a fever which finally broke but he seems to have a sore throat today, he is super raspy. I am going to take him in tomorrow for a culture swap and hopefully it's not strep throat. Other then being cranky and sore from his needles and a few stuffed up moments and or sniffles in the first few months this is the first time he has really been sick. The first time he has ever run a temperature and it is so hard to see. I am so sad for him and I just want to make him feel better. He is very clingy and only wants mommy. He just lays around on me and then he gets it into his head that he wants to play and he goes down on the ground and within minutes he is crying and wants back up in my arms. The only things that seem to work are to take him out for walks. He really loves to be out and about, I think it really distracts him from the pain. I am wondering if this is a cold or flu or if it teething that he is going through. He will be One on the 14th and he has yet to get a second tooth and I think I see one top one and the other bottom one ready to come through. So hopefully that is all it is and he isn't really sick at all. I do hope he feels better either way, I feel just awful for him and just want to make all his pain go away.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

"the poisoned breast"....grrrr

Ok I am so tired of reading headlines about poison in breastmilk...or about how breastmilk can be toxic. I am tired of reading the articles that only put half the story in them. The amount of women that breastfeed these days is already sadly low and we need to find more ways to encourage women to breastfeed their babies not discourage them. I just opened the today's parent magazine(a Canadian Magazine) and finally I was able to read and article that told the "WHOLE" story not just fragments. The Article is written by John Hoffman and is based on the research by Sandra Steingraber.

"Sandra Steingraber knows more about environmental pollutans in breastmilk than any mom on Earth. She's concerned, both as an ecologist and as a mother, about the mounting scientific evidence that traces of toxic chemicals havr found their way into breastmilk. EVAN SO, STEINGRABER BREASTFED HER FIRST CHILD FOR THREE YEARS AND IS STILL NURSING THE YOUNGEST NOW AGE THREE."

I really like this article because it doesn't cover up the fact that yes these toxins are leaking into our breastmilk, but talks about how it is still healtier, and safer to breastfeed your child then to formula feed.

"Although the breastfed babies were exposed to more PCB's, formula fed children scored a little lower in developmental and cognitive tests...also found a small deficit in formula fed children when testing for a specific marker of neurological function related to memory and attention."

The best part of this article is the fact that she addresses that we shouldn't be stopping breastfeeding we should be stop using these chemicals in our lives. If we are exposed to it on a daily basis and it's bad for our babies how good is it for anyone.

She also talks about how babies are exposed to far more damaging chemicals in utero and that breastfeeding can actually help.

"Researchers suggested that breastmilk counteracts teh adverse developmntal effects of PCBs and dioxins"
"in other words an infants greastest risk from environmental pollutants comes in the womb, not at the breast"

So what is my personal take on this? I will continue to encourage all women to breastfeed their babies. I will stand by my convictions that breast is not only the most natural way to feed our children in the first few years of their life, but it is also the most beneficial, the healthiest and like everything says "breast is best".

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

trying to be healthy

I am tired of being unhealthy, I am tired of being so overweight and feeling it in everything I do. I really want to change, not just for myself but for my family as well. As Ewan gets older and I am chasing after him I am beginning to realize that if I huff and I puff up a flight of stairs how am I suppose to run after a toddler. I am also hoping to get pregnant in late fall so add that into the mix and I will be a total wreck. I also think it is very important that I instill healthy eating habits in Ewan and any other future children I may have one day. How I am suppose to do that if I can't even set a good example myself.

My main goal is to get healthy, to eat right and to feel better physically. Hopefully by doing that I will lose some of this excess weight and find a happier, healthier me in a thinner body. I am not expecting to weigh 125 pounds, heck i'm not even expecting to weigh 150 pounds, especially with a possible pregnancy in my future. I would however like to go into that pregnancy far healthier and perhaps lighter then I went into Ewan's pregnancy. I had GD with Ewan and though I'm sure I will get it again, the only possible chance to not get it is to shed some excess pounds.

My family is being very supportive of me(sometimes) and that is helping. The greatest support come from my dad who is all about being healthy. He is really encouraging me to get out and move and do some sort of exercise. For me this is the hardest part. I am not an athlete in any way shape or form and with Ewan at home with me it makes it rather difficult. I did manange to do an exercise tape yesterday and if I can try to do it at least 2 times a week and maybe go for a walk with Ewan 2 times a week I think I may actually make some progress.

So wish me luck everyone and stay tuned and follow my progress. I started out this process weighing 233 pounds and being a horrible couch potato with horrible eating habits. Lets see where I end up.

Monday, May 09, 2005

My first official mother's day

Yesterday was my first official Mother's day, though I did celebrate last year while I was pregnant. Like Chris said, last year I was a mother but this year i'm somebody's mom. That somebody is the best gift in the world, my wonderful son Ewan. I had a great day yesterday, chris let me sleep in even though he had gone out late on saturday and I usually get up with Ewan on Sundays. Mind you I didn't sleep in to late as I had gotten lots of sleep the night before. So I came down and hung out with my two best men. Then Chris and Ewan gave me my mother's day gift, it was a beautiful Silver and Amber Bracelet and I absoulutly love it. It goes with the silver and amber earrings that Chris gave me last year for mother's day. We spent the afternoon with Chris' mom and the evening with my mom and brothers and sisters in law. It was a great mothers day and I look forward to celebrating many many more with Ewan and any siblings he may have one day. I am even looking forward to all the wonderful homemade gifts he will make me one day.

My first official mother