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Saturday, May 21, 2005

"the poisoned breast"....grrrr

Ok I am so tired of reading headlines about poison in breastmilk...or about how breastmilk can be toxic. I am tired of reading the articles that only put half the story in them. The amount of women that breastfeed these days is already sadly low and we need to find more ways to encourage women to breastfeed their babies not discourage them. I just opened the today's parent magazine(a Canadian Magazine) and finally I was able to read and article that told the "WHOLE" story not just fragments. The Article is written by John Hoffman and is based on the research by Sandra Steingraber.

"Sandra Steingraber knows more about environmental pollutans in breastmilk than any mom on Earth. She's concerned, both as an ecologist and as a mother, about the mounting scientific evidence that traces of toxic chemicals havr found their way into breastmilk. EVAN SO, STEINGRABER BREASTFED HER FIRST CHILD FOR THREE YEARS AND IS STILL NURSING THE YOUNGEST NOW AGE THREE."

I really like this article because it doesn't cover up the fact that yes these toxins are leaking into our breastmilk, but talks about how it is still healtier, and safer to breastfeed your child then to formula feed.

"Although the breastfed babies were exposed to more PCB's, formula fed children scored a little lower in developmental and cognitive tests...also found a small deficit in formula fed children when testing for a specific marker of neurological function related to memory and attention."

The best part of this article is the fact that she addresses that we shouldn't be stopping breastfeeding we should be stop using these chemicals in our lives. If we are exposed to it on a daily basis and it's bad for our babies how good is it for anyone.

She also talks about how babies are exposed to far more damaging chemicals in utero and that breastfeeding can actually help.

"Researchers suggested that breastmilk counteracts teh adverse developmntal effects of PCBs and dioxins"
"in other words an infants greastest risk from environmental pollutants comes in the womb, not at the breast"

So what is my personal take on this? I will continue to encourage all women to breastfeed their babies. I will stand by my convictions that breast is not only the most natural way to feed our children in the first few years of their life, but it is also the most beneficial, the healthiest and like everything says "breast is best".


At 2:08 PM, Blogger amygeekgrl said...

It frustrates me to see bfing getting a bad rap when it's still FAR MORE HEALTHIER to bf even with any pollutants that may be found in bm.

It's always interesting to see who is putting out these articles about pollutants in bm too. And do they have ties to the formula companies?

Anyway, glad to see that one article still encouraged women to bf despite the pollutants. :)


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