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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

trying to be healthy

I am tired of being unhealthy, I am tired of being so overweight and feeling it in everything I do. I really want to change, not just for myself but for my family as well. As Ewan gets older and I am chasing after him I am beginning to realize that if I huff and I puff up a flight of stairs how am I suppose to run after a toddler. I am also hoping to get pregnant in late fall so add that into the mix and I will be a total wreck. I also think it is very important that I instill healthy eating habits in Ewan and any other future children I may have one day. How I am suppose to do that if I can't even set a good example myself.

My main goal is to get healthy, to eat right and to feel better physically. Hopefully by doing that I will lose some of this excess weight and find a happier, healthier me in a thinner body. I am not expecting to weigh 125 pounds, heck i'm not even expecting to weigh 150 pounds, especially with a possible pregnancy in my future. I would however like to go into that pregnancy far healthier and perhaps lighter then I went into Ewan's pregnancy. I had GD with Ewan and though I'm sure I will get it again, the only possible chance to not get it is to shed some excess pounds.

My family is being very supportive of me(sometimes) and that is helping. The greatest support come from my dad who is all about being healthy. He is really encouraging me to get out and move and do some sort of exercise. For me this is the hardest part. I am not an athlete in any way shape or form and with Ewan at home with me it makes it rather difficult. I did manange to do an exercise tape yesterday and if I can try to do it at least 2 times a week and maybe go for a walk with Ewan 2 times a week I think I may actually make some progress.

So wish me luck everyone and stay tuned and follow my progress. I started out this process weighing 233 pounds and being a horrible couch potato with horrible eating habits. Lets see where I end up.


At 7:15 AM, Blogger Camille said...

Good luck Maggie!! :) I know you can do it. :)

At 10:04 PM, Blogger myrmom said...

Thanks Camille I appreciate the belief in me.

At 2:31 AM, Blogger Morgan said...

I just wanted to say that I am in the EXACT same boat as you (same weight too), so I understand your frustration. I have the same concerns about teaching Army healthy eating habits too. Maybe you'd be interested in being weight loss buddies? I don't really know how it works to do that, but I've heard people do it. I'm willing to try it though... I guess it's just hard to do it and stay motivated by yourself. Or at least it is for me... I kinda feel like I need someone to be accountable to. I've tried food logs and well... I'm always like if I cheat who knows! Hummm, well I've got some thinking to do about this myself... but I just wanted to let you know I feel the same way about myself. I wish you luck girl!

At 2:11 PM, Blogger amygeekgrl said...

good luck, maggie! i'm glad to hear that your dad is being supportive. having people around to support you and encourage you is so important whenever you are trying to make a big change in your life. :)
i too am trying to make sure we have a healthier lifestyle - eating and exercising - as ava gets older. we don't exercise much at all in our family and we really need to start on it to set a good example. it's definitely not easy!

At 3:01 PM, Blogger Cas said...

I just wanted to say that you are not alone and a big congrats for wanting a healthier life. I"m in the same boat, and it is so hard to do.


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